Principal's Message

Welcome back and Happy New Year Ayers' Families!  We hope that you enjoyed the week off and enjoyed time family and friends. We are looking forward to an amazing week!

Riley “Rocks” Week:  In January 2016 at his inauguration, Mayor Michael Cahill declared the first week of January as Riley "rocks" Fessenden week. As we start the new year the Beverly community as well as its schools will be recognizing Riley's week by carrying on her many personality traits that made her a "rock" star. Please help us in celebrating Riley's smile, light, love, creativity, hope, colorful personality and energy.


Schedule of events:

January 1st: Give somebody a smile today.

January 2nd: please leave your front light on all night

January 3rd: perform an act of kindness

January 4th: elementary schools will be coloring a page designed by Riley. The page shows what fills your heart.

January 5th:  elementary school students will be stating their "hopes and dreams for the new year"

January 6th:  elementary school students will be wearing pink and turquoise (Riley's favorite colors) and donating $1 to be donated to some of Riley's favorite charities (the children's miracle network, make a wish and the pinky swear foundation)

January 7th: Dance-a-thon at Beverly High School. All proceeds will be donated to the charities listed above.


The Fessenden family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who have reached out to them. We are truly grateful for all of the cards, donations, flowers, baskets, kind words and love.  Thank you for keeping Riley's light alive. Please continue to remember her, talk about her and smile.


Take a Look Tuesdays!  Mrs. Smith, STEAM Integration Specialist, is offering Take a Look Tuesdays starting in January. On these days, she will invite grown ups with their students to come in after school and take a look the exciting things we're working on in STEAM! The January schedule is as follows:


Tuesday, January 10th - 4 North and 4 Henebury

Tuesday, January 17th - 4 Cotter and 4 Emmons

Mrs. Smith will have her classroom open from 2-3pm on these two days and welcomes all fourth grade families to come in and take a look! Stay tuned for February's schedule when second grade families will be invited.

Save the Date:  The Kindergarten Parent Information Night is scheduled for January 10th at 6:30, here at Ayers School.  This is for families with students who will be attending Kindergarten during the 2017/18 school year. More information to come.

Coffee with the Principal:  We will have our next “Coffee with the Principal” on February 1.  

RAPID:  We will be administering RAPID over the next couple of weeks to students in grades 1-5. Beverly Elementary schools will be administering Lexia RAPID Assessment as a tool to improve our literacy instruction.  RAPID screens and monitors reading and language skills for students in grades K–12. Developed in partnership with the experts at the Florida Center for Reading Research, this computer-adaptive assessment reliably measures the skills most predictive of reading success to provide actionable, norm-referenced data for instructional planning.  

Drop off and Pick up:  Just a few reminders about drop off and pick up.  When participating in live drop up, please have children get out of the car on the curbside.  Please move along as soon as children are out of out of the car.  Please do not stop in the circle to let children out of the car.  Pull up to an open spot along the curb before letting students out.  Due to the limited number of parking spots, please park off site when dropping off or picking up your children.  Please avoid parking in the lot marked for staff only.  Let’s work together to keep drop off and pick up safe for our students, families, and staff.  Thank you


Weeks Ahead:

1/3:   Return to School

1/9:  Grade 4 Morning Meeting

       PTO meeting @ 7

1/9 - 1/20:  RAPID Administration

1/10:  “Take a Look Tuesday” 4H and 4N 2:00 to 3:00

         Kindergarten Parent Info Night @ Ayers 6:30 to 8:00

1/11:   Grade 5 to Peabody Essex Museum 9:15-11:15

1/12:  Ayers Family Math Night Hosted by Alex Tompkins: K-2 from6:00 to 6:45

          3-5 from 7:00 to 7:45. More information to come

1/16:  No School:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day