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Dear Ayers Parents/Guardians,

What does being present and kind mean to you? Each morning during our Morning Announcements we talk about holding these two actions sacred. We know that clearing our minds of our hubbub and focusing intently on our social/emotional and academic tasks makes for a better learning environment. Students at Ayers continually hear this message along with the enduring need to demonstrate kindness. During our whole-school Morning Meetings, the creation of our Hopes and Dreams, the teaching of our anti-bullying Olweus curricula, and the application of the Second Step program, we educate, reinforce, and support each and every student to be present and be kind. Being present physically, in terms of good attendance and being on time for school as well as being mindful of their role as students lends itself to the recent flurry of mindfulness in schools. We model and hold high expectations for kindness yet we know as educators children need reminders of what this looks like, sounds like, and feels like so that it becomes a habit of heart. As we begin a new school-year with one another, I do hope you’ll share with me all of your ideas for making this school the best experience for all children who learn here.

Dear Ayers Students,

Are you ready? One more week to go… Hopefully in between camp, family get-togethers, beach adventures, and simply enjoying your brain break from school, you’re beginning to feel ready to come back and join us at Ayers. How’s that summer reading coming along? Did you know you can escape to faraway places, meet new characters, or find new ideas inside the pages of a good book? I bet you’ve got some great book titles  to share with us. And how about Jiji - have you met the challenges and worked through some math puzzles? Whatever it is you’ve done… we hope that you’ll arrive here with a sense of wonder, a kind mind, and a readiness to embark on a fun-filled adventure of learning. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, August 28th. 



Debra J. Lay, Ed. D.


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